Guarana: best food against fatigue

Every noon you feel a slack to want to take a nap on your desk? Or maybe you have trouble waking up throughout the day and want a boost to focus and have energy?

If you are looking for a natural solution and a food to consume to deal with your intense fatigue, guarana will become your best friend. Having become very popular in recent years, this caffeine-rich plant has many natural benefits and virtues.

Discover in this article how guarana can help you regain energy and vitality thanks to its natural anti-fatigue properties.

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What is guarana?

Guarana, also known by the scientific name of Paullinia cupana , is a plant that comes from the Amazon. It is precisely its seeds that are used for their energizing properties.

3 key elements act on the nervous system to reduce the feeling of fatigue and increase alertness:

  • guaranine which is close to caffeine
  • theobromine (also present in dark chocolate)
  • theophylline

In addition to reducing fatigue, and containing many antioxidants, this ingredient increases physical and mental performance. It is the perfect ally for the days that start with difficulty.

Guarana VS coffee and tea?

What are the differences between guarana, coffee and tea?

You are skeptical and not ready to trade your daily coffee for a guarana supplement. I understand.

Here are the differences between these three foods.

Guarana is known to be one of the foods with the highest caffeine content . Yes, even richer than your dark, tight afternoon espresso. This is thanks to the guaranine contained in its grains, between 3.5 and 5%.

If you are not too numbers, here is a table of caffeine content between guarana, coffee and tea:


Caffeine content (in milligrams)

Guarana (4g powder)

140 to 200

Cup of tea (237 mL)


Cup of filter coffee (237 mL)


Energy drink (250 mL)


Source: Caffeine . (n.d.). CAMH.

The difference between guarana and coffee is above all the body's ability to absorb guaranine . This is because the caffeine present in these Amazonian beans is released more slowly. It is thanks to this that the energy boost hit lasts over time and does not go up to go down immediately.

Above all, guarana does not cause unpleasant side effects such as heart palpitations or sleep disturbances (hello insomnia), especially when combined with magnesium as in our Get Up & Go tablet. ( internal mesh )

But it is not recommended to consume it for some people:

  • for people with high blood pressure or heart conditions
  • pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • people who are very sensitive to caffeine
  • people with anxiety disorders or sleep disorders
  • children

A woman is sitting in bed with a cup in her hand. She wakes up from her night. The atmosphere in his room is cozy and soft.

3 reasons why guarana is a good natural anti-fatigue food

1. Increases Energy Naturally

No need to take stimulant drugs or drink 3L of coffee when you wake up to go to work with a lot of energy. Thanks to this small molecule, you can stay in action throughout the day without feeling drowsy and losing motivation.

The overwhelming feeling of fatigue that weighs on your shoulders is no longer part of your daily life, enough to make you want to do all those projects that are in the back of your mind. Write a book when you come home in the evening, start knitting, start running to prepare for a marathon, the choice is yours.

2. Boosts cognition and good mood

Guaranine acts as a natural anti-fatigue on your body but directly impacts your mind in a positive way. Thanks to its stimulating properties, you will have more concentration to succeed in writing your e-mails while your colleague Véronique does not stop talking to you over your shoulder at the same time.

You will have more memory and clarity in your ideas. Perfect if you are studying and memorizing important things or if your working days are long and tiring. It is the perfect food to reduce daily stress . (link to the blog: solutions to reduce stress)

Above all, as with chocolate, guarana, thanks to theobromine, impacts your mood. It boosts your dopamine and your serotonin which play directly on your feeling of happiness.

Guarana is not a superhero of productivity and good humor, but almost.

3. Increases physical abilities

Ok, you are in a good mood and you are bursting with energy because you have a thousand projects in sight and your body is in good shape. It's normal, this molecule also plays on your physique.

Thanks to its guaranine content, it reduces the feeling of fatigue during exercise by acting directly on adenosine receptors in the brain. Now is the time to push your physical limits to achieve new sporting goals. But, without forgetting that any excessive consumption of a food is never healthy.

Guarana is also known to regulate appetite and play a role in weight loss or maintenance . The metabolism works a little more and therefore burns more calories.

Of course, eaten alone, this food does not guarantee significant weight loss. Physical activity and a balanced diet should not be overlooked.

A young student holds the times in a movement of intense fatigue. In front of her are many scattered and open books.

Our Get Up & Go tablet: a natural combo for a real boost

Guarana alone is already a very good food against fatigue. At Delikao we have decided to incorporate it into cocoa with acerola to boost its benefits even more and get you started the day on the right foot.

Vitamins against fatigue

What are the vitamins to take against fatigue?

In our Get Up & Go tablet you can find:

  • acerola filled with vitamin C which reinforces the boosting action of guarana
  • vitamins A, D, E and C present in cocoa
  • magnesium, potassium and iron

All this together allows you to have a real supplement to take in case of intense fatigue or to fight against daily slack.

Guarana and magnesium: the ultimate combo

To cope with nervous fatigue, magnesium remains the best food to de-stress and reduce irritability and sleep disorders. It is also this key ingredient in our chocolate bars that regulates the effects of guaranine to keep only the best: a powerful anti-fatigue without side effects.

And above all, it is the gourmets who will be happy. Chocolate naturally contains certain molecules, such as theobromine, which regulate the nervous system and reduce the feeling of fatigue and foggy thoughts. No need to swallow food supplements in the morning to feel fit, a simple square of chocolate is enough to replace the consumption of coffee.

The three together make it possible to have a natural food that fights temporary fatigue, sudden stress and temporary depression (internal link with the article on chocolate as an antidepressant)  and gives a real boost at any time of the day without a sudden drop.

Want a morning boost without drinking coffee?

Bite Get Up & Go!

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