Info or Intox: chocolate is a natural anti-stress?

A little slack or morale in the socks? To get better and cope with stress , you are not the only one to bite into a square of chocolate , or even the tablet. No judgment.

When you know that 75 to 90% of medical consultations are linked to problems of stress *, anxiety or depression, you have to look for natural solutions to gain serenity and regulate your nervous balance.

Luckily, dark chocolate is known as a natural antidepressant.

But, is it true that chocolate regulates moods ? It seems too good to be true, such a gourmet food that does so much good!

Delikao gives you all the information on this question that we know at your (chocolate) fingertips.

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3 components of dark chocolate that influence stress

Dark chocolate, we love it for its taste but also for its health benefits . Filled with minerals, vitamins and molecules that directly impact our physical and moral health, it has everything to please - like your new son-in-law.

Here are 3 reasons why chocolate reduces stress.

1. Magnesium

It is truly THE known component in chocolate that regulates nervous balance.

Magnesium is present in many foods such as Brazil nuts, sesame seeds but also dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa.

Magnesium ticks all the boxes to get good points since it:

  • fight against physical and nervous fatigue
  • helps the normal functioning of the nervous system
  • helps with concentration and memory
  • increases resistance to cortisol, the stress hormone.

Having a diet rich in magnesium therefore reduces stress and fatigue that can lead to small blues.

At Delikao we have chosen to enrich our Feel Good tablet with Lactium®, a natural ingredient derived from cow's milk which acts directly on your nervous system to reduce your stress.

CTA: I discovered this anti-stress chocolate!

2. Theobromine

Second flagship antidepressant component of dark chocolate: theobromine. It is a molecule, an alkaloid more precisely, which directly stimulates the mood.

Do you feel like you're in chemistry physics class when you read this?

Wait, we're just explaining how theobromine influences your mood and energy.

This molecule close to caffeine by its stimulating effect is actually softer and longer in duration. Its content is sufficient to give you a feeling of well-being without having harmful effects on your body.

In 100g of dark chocolate you will find 0.6mg and 0.2mg in milk chocolate.

3. Flavonoids

We continue with the complicated terms that make you want to put on your blouse and glasses rather than relax on your couch: flavonoids.

It is a molecule that is part of a subgroup of dietary polyphenols that have great antioxidant properties.

Above all, they allow to increase cerebral blood circulation. This is why they influence the mood of people with depressive disorders. These small molecules with an unlikely name help the body protect itself from toxins and daily stressors.

They are the ones that reduce stress, relax, put you in a good mood and hang up the laundry. No, the last one is not true, but chocolate is capable of (almost) everything.

Dark chocolate regulates emotions

Scientifically, you understand a little better what regulates your mood when you eat a square of chocolate. But this crunchy and melting food also plays a comforting role.

It's a bit like a chocolate Proust madeleine.

Crunching chocolate brings back all the good childhood memories to which it is linked:

  • multicolored birthday cakes
  • festive events between family throughout the year such as Easter and Christmas
  • snack on the way home from school

In short, tasting chocolate brings back happy memories . It's a bit of a cuddly food. It reminds of good times which will therefore create endorphins. Drug-free emotional well-being is yours.

Which chocolate to choose for an antidepressant and anti-anxiety effect?

The main virtues of dark chocolate are found in raw cocoa or sugar-free cocoa powder . And that's normal, the product is less processed, which makes its benefits even more visible.

But, to be good for your health, you don't need to eat chocolate with a minimum of 90% cocoa, which is very bitter. Dark chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa is enough to feel the beneficial effects on your health.

According to a study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety in 2019 , researchers found that people who regularly consumed dark chocolate were 70% less likely to have clinical signs of depression compared to people who did not. Never. On a sample of 13,626 Americans, the author of the study explains that it is still necessary to take tweezers:

“It could be that depression causes people to lose interest in chocolate, or that other factors make people less likely to eat dark chocolate and be depressed. "

For this it is recommended to favor dark chocolate over milk chocolate and to consume a maximum of 30g per day. Because like everything: health lies in balance.

If you are depressed or your bouts of slack are frequent, the best thing is to talk about it with someone from the medical profession. There is no shame in taking medication to get better.

Do you want to combine indulgence and well-being on a daily basis? Discover our chocolate bars enriched with plants, trace elements and minerals.

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