Hyaluronic acid and the skin: your best anti-aging ally

Your fine lines are deepening, your skin is gently slackening, your dark circles are more marked... But above all, your search engine is filled with requests for natural anti-aging miracle recipes : "rejuvenate without injections or injunctions", "miracle anti-wrinkle cream that does not cost a kidney”, “youth serum to slip into your bag”.

In short, you have probably already crossed paths with hyaluronic acid and its many benefits for the skin and face. Whether it is in anti-aging treatments or in capsules to be taken as food supplements , this molecule is on the rise and we understand why.

Why is hyaluronic acid the best ally for your skin (not to mention injections)? How to cure? Is it good to take hyaluronic acid?

In this article, Delikao answers all your questions about this molecule with a barbaric name.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a molecule , a macromolecule more precisely, which is found naturally in our body.

With scientific words, it gives this: it is a molecule that comes from the family of carbohydrates, the result of an association between aminoglycan and a uronic acid (a glycosaminoglycan).

HA is mainly found in:

  • the fluid in our joints (synovial fluid if you want to shine in the evening)
  • skeletal tissues
  • heart tissue
  • the eyes
  • dermal tissue aka the skin

Along with collagen, these are the two molecules most present in our dermis and our cartilage. The skin alone contains 50% of the hyaluronic acid in our body. This is why this substance is essential to have a radiant and hydrated face.

A young woman is sitting in front of a mirror in pajamas, she is applying anti-wrinkle cream with hyaluronic acid on her face.

How does the molecule act on the skin?

This naturally occurring substance has the ability to retain very large amounts of water , up to 1,000 times its weight in water*. It's a real sponge. Like your little heart.

And who says a lot of water says good hydration and supple, elastic and plump skin .

The older we get, the more deep wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are present. This is normal, the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen decreases and is of lower quality.

The reasons for rapid skin aging can be many:

  • exposure to UV rays
  • poor diet and more broadly, poor quality of life
  • daily stress

Taking hyaluronic acid as a supplement helps maintain skin hydration from the inside and avoid having very dry and marked skin.

It is also possible to inject hyaluronic acid to deeply plump your skin, or to put creams enriched with this molecule to moisturize your face from the outside.

A young woman is in the bathroom, she uses a stone roller on her face to sculpt it and keep it firm.

3 main benefits of hyaluronic acid on the skin

If this molecule is as well known as the white wolf in cosmetics, it is because its natural properties are very numerous.

An anti-aging ally

Hyaluronic acid reduces wrinkles and fine lines thanks to the elasticity it gives to the skin of the face and neck. You will not find the skin of your 16 years, on the other hand the traces of fatigue and dryness will be lessened. And then your epidermis will also be firmer, smoother with less visible pores**.**

Intense hydration

This is undoubtedly the key role of this molecule. Thanks to its water retention capacity, the skin tissues are well hydrated. This makes hyaluronic acid an ally for all skin types, young or mature, sensitive or dry.

A powerful healer

Known to help repair skin tissue, hyaluronic acid helps renew cells and reduce inflammation around a wound. All this thanks to its moisturizing power.

But this molecule is also beneficial for the joints since it absorbs shocks and reduces wear. But also for the eyes thanks to its moisturizing properties which limit friction.

Take care of your skin with hyaluronic acid as a supplement

This substance therefore remains the master when it comes to taking care of your skin naturally. In cream or in oral supplementation with capsules or food supplements, it's up to you to choose what you like the most and meets your desires.

But, as with all body care , taking care of the inside of yourself is just as, if not more, important than putting products on your skin barrier.

A Japanese study showed that the effectiveness of hyaluronic acid was mainly revealed by oral ingestion . This promotes the production of the molecule by the body and therefore regenerates the cells more easily.

Except that taking hyaluronic acid capsules makes you as little envious as a scaling at the dentist? At Delikao we have the solution you need: dark chocolate enriched with hyaluronic acid and vitamin C (internally produced mesh).

Because yes, several foods can come to increase the capacities of the molecule. Vitamin C is one of them. Antioxidant, it helps in the production of collagen which protects cells against oxidative stress. This digs into frown lines, causes fine lines to appear around the eyes and gives you a tired look even after 13 hours of sleep.

A young woman is in her bathroom doing her skincare routine. There is a game with the mirror where we see his face from the front while in the foreground we see him in profile.

How to choose the best hyaluronic acid?

All complementary products enriched with hyaluronic acid are not created equal.

To optimize your anti-aging routine by integrating a product that really acts on your skin, here are the things to look at:

  • The origin, quality and transparency of the brand. Some use hyaluronic acid extracted from rooster combs.
  • The other active ingredients present in the supplement.
  • Molecular weight: undoubtedly the most important data to look at. For hyaluronic acid, it is best to choose a broad-spectrum molecular weight , that is to say that the molecules are of different sizes. This size varies between 50 kiloDaltons (kDa) and 2,000 (kDa).
  • The HA concentration must be at least 200mg / capsule to have a noticeable effect.

To delay the first signs of aging of your skin, the best thing is to do a hyaluronic acid cure . Because nothing is better than moisturizing the inside to perfect your skincare routine and protect yourself from external aggressions.

At Delikao, we have chosen to combine vitamin C with hyaluronic acid in our Skin Glow tablet for an ever more effective beautiful skin product.

And regarding our hyaluronic acid:

  • it is vegan and plant-based
  • its molecular weight is broad-spectrum
  • it is odorless and tasteless in our gourmet tablet

Did you dream of eating chocolate to have beautiful skin ?

It is now possible thanks to Skin Glow . Discover our Skin Glow chocolate

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