7 Natural Stress Remedies

These days, everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one point or another in their lives. But if sometimes the stress is only temporary in the face of the planned meeting with his in-laws or his annual interview in two weeks, sometimes it sets in chronically and transforms into generalized anxiety.

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you are looking for natural remedies to reduce your stress , your anxiety and ultimately your cortisol production .

Because it is this hormone called cortisol that causes many reactions that are not always very pleasant when you are exposed to it for too long.

Insomnia and sleep disorders, weight gain, increased blood pressure, various illnesses, irritable mood, muscle pain;
I won't give you the complete list at the risk of increasing your stress a little more.

In this article, discover 7 natural solutions to reduce your stress and anxiety . Moreover, certain remedies will please those with a sweet tooth.

1. Meditate

Meditation undoubtedly remains one of the best natural solutions to most effectively reduce chronic stress. Faced with a 100-mile daily routine, meditating and taking a moment for yourself is a good way to reduce your anxiety. You are fully in the moment and clear your mind to calm and relax.

A few minutes of daily meditation are enough to start feeling the first anti-stress effects. Sit in a quiet place where you can take a few minutes for yourself, to take some time to relax.

Follow a guided meditation or simply listen to what's going on inside you. Your thoughts, your pain, your tensions; observe all of this without judgment while breathing calmly.

A young woman practices meditation on a sports mat in her living room. She is sitting in front of her sofa and stands with her eyes closed in a yoga position.

2. Practice regular physical activity

If you are more of the type to put on sneakers to go out for a run as soon as you feel the stress rising then you are right. Practicing regular physical activity is a good natural remedy to reduce your anxiety and moments of intense stress.

Physical exercise releases the famous endorphin and serotonin molecules which make you feel a feeling of well-being. The adrenaline produced stimulates your body and makes you want to surpass yourself. Perfect for regaining self-confidence and de-stressing.

But there's no need to run a half marathon every night after a disastrous meeting with your boss. You can go for a walk in nature, jump and dance in your living room, or go for a bike ride. The most important thing is to clear the mind and body to reduce cortisol and various toxins.

A young woman sits on the floor, leaning against her sofa, after a workout to calm her anxiety. She drinks water and has a dumbbell resting next to her left hand.

3. Use essential oils as a natural remedy

Essential oils are very useful for reducing your daily anxiety. There are many with very different properties. Obviously, before consuming it on the tongue or spreading it in your bedroom, always ask your doctor for advice. Especially if you are pregnant or have an illness. Likewise, avoid using essential oils around young children.

Certain essential oils are widely used to soothe and feel calm at any time of the day.

This is particularly the case of:

  • fine lavender often used as an anxiolytic before sleeping
  • the petit grain bigarade with a smell close to orange tree
  • chamomile often used as a herbal tea before going to sleep
  • relaxing bergamot to help you fall into the arms of Morpheus
  • ylang ylang which regulates heart rate and reduces stress

To use them, the best is to put a drop in a tissue that you breathe in during moments of stress or anxiety attack. Alternatively, a drop in a diffuser that you put in the middle of the bedroom can ease your nervousness.

The best thing is to consult a naturopath who can advise you on the synergies of essential oils but also prepare Bach flowers for you according to your emotional state and the origin of your stress: anxiety attack, generalized anxiety, emotional shock …

A young woman is cooking in a bright, open kitchen. She is in the background and in front of her we can see a table on which there are different ingredients such as apples, a banana, olive oil and a plant.

4. Have a balanced, anti-stress diet

Diet plays a very big role in anxiety and stress. Adopting a diet rich in nutrients and minerals is a real natural remedy against moments of anxiety.

This is why we must favor certain foods rich in vitamins (B, C, E), zinc, omega 3 but especially magnesium.

It is the latter which will really help you find serenity and calm in your daily life. That’s good, it is present in many foods but especially in dark chocolate! A good excuse to have a daily square after your coffee.

Here are 9 foods to choose to combat stress :

  • salmon full of omega 3, and generally all fatty fish
  • avocado is rich in magnesium and vitamins C,E,K and vitamin B5
  • apples contain iron, phosphorus and bromine (chocolate contains theobromine) known to soothe the nervous system
  • spinach rich in magnesium; not for nothing does Popey eat whole cans of it
  • bananas are full of magnesium, tryptophan, vitamins (B5, B6) and potassium: a good mixture to soothe the nervous system and lower blood pressure
  • almonds have lots of vitamins (B and E), zinc and magnesium
  • chickpeas contain folic acid, magnesium and iron which makes them good allies for the nervous system and reduction of fatigue

And of course, the flagship food: dark chocolate. Filled with flavonoids, theobromine and magnesium, cocoa has everything to please gourmands who want to take care of themselves while enjoying life.

On the contrary, certain foods should be avoided during periods of anxiety:

  • sugar increases cortisol
  • fatty and very salty foods like chips and fried foods promote water retention, which increases the effects of cortisol
  • alcohol reinforces the blues after the euphoric effects
  • highly processed products such as white bread, prepared meals and sweet desserts

5. Take natural food supplements

Taking natural food supplements helps compensate for certain deficiencies that directly impact your level of stress and anxiety.

Around 50% of the world's population is magnesium deficient. However, it is the molecule par excellence that reduces stress and soothes the nervous system.

Taking magnesium to support your nervous system helps reduce cortisol levels and therefore reduce symptoms related to anxiety, depression and anxiety.

Obviously, taking magnesium as a supplement does not completely resolve and absorb stress. The work to do for this is sometimes long and requires a global approach.

Are you more of the gourmet team? White, rough magnesium tablets to swallow in the morning probably don't appeal to you. That's good, Delikao has the solution you need: dark chocolate enriched with Lactium®, a natural ingredient known scientifically for its soothing properties.

Chew our Feel Good anti-stress tablet:

6. Practice deep breathing

Deep breathing , unlike classic meditation, focuses primarily on breathing. Thanks Sherlock.

On a daily basis, we tend to breathe mainly with our thorax without fully oxygenating through our abdomen. The cells are poorly supplied and the breath seems short and jerky. To reduce stress naturally, there's nothing like getting comfortable and breathing fully. Inhale and exhale gently and deeply through your mouth.

There are many deep breathing exercises like cardiac coherence , with inhalations and exhalations at different times.

7. Sleep well and enough

Without restful sleep , it's difficult not to feel anxious or stressed. A lack of quality and deep sleep will affect the production of cortisol and adrenaline. This directly impacts your daily well-being.

But to succeed in sleeping like a groundhog (the one who puts aluminum around the chocolate), here are some tips:

  • Avoid screens an hour before bed, blue light stimulates your body preventing melatonin from making you fall asleep.
  • If you have anxieties or recurring thoughts, write them down in a notebook before you go to sleep.
  • Sleep in a dark, quiet, cool room to sleep better.
  • Stretch before bed to release tension but avoid sport in the evening.

The most important thing is to create a bedtime ritual to deal with difficult nights. And if that doesn't work, there's nothing like a square of dark chocolate before bed to soothe you.

A young woman is stretching in bed after a good night's sleep. The soft light lands on her smiling face.

Reducing stress naturally can be done without drug treatments such as Xanax or sleeping pills. To do this, the most important thing is to make overall changes in your lifestyle and your diet.

But don't feel guilty if you can't completely manage your stress, otherwise you risk falling into a vicious circle which will make you even more anxious.

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