1. What is Skinax?

Skinax is a magic ingredient for your skin! It is an exclusive complex composed of plant extracts and vitamins to take care of your skin in depth. This unique cocktail helps protect your skin from external aggressions such as pollution, stress and UV rays. With Skinax, your skin will regain all its suppleness, firmness and radiance!

2. The benefits of Skinax

Skinax is your ally for dream skin! Thanks to its formula concentrated in antioxidants, Skinax prevents premature aging of your skin. It also improves the elasticity and firmness of your skin for an immediate lifting effect. But that's not all ! Skinax deeply hydrates your skin for softer, brighter skin. Finally, it soothes the most sensitive skin for a perfectly even complexion.

    3. The Skinax in a few figures?

    • Several studies have shown that Skinax® improves skin density by an average of 11.3%, thus providing better quality and a more youthful appearance.
    • A study also found that taking Skinax® for 12 weeks resulted in a significant reduction in facial wrinkles by 26.3%, while increasing skin hydration by 8.8%.
    • Skinax® has also been shown to improve skin texture significantly, with a decrease in the appearance of pores and an increase in skin luminosity.
    • Over 80% of people who tested Skinax reported smoother, softer skin. It's almost as sweet as the coat of a kitten or the smile of a friend who offers you chocolate!
    • And finally, 97% of people who used Skinax said they had better self-esteem. It's almost as great as finding a 20 euro note in an old jacket!

    In sum, these figures show that Skinax® is a quality ingredient for improving the health and appearance of the skin, with measurable and significant results. And why not say that thanks to Skinax®, you can say goodbye to orange peel skin and hello to peach skin?

    Beauty comes from within, but Skinax can definitely help show it on the outside too!

    🍫 Ingredient present in our tablet: Skin Glow

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